ToDo Lists

Manage all of your tasks and communications with ToDo lists

  • Maximise Efficiency & Increase Productivity
  • Drives Processes Supervisor
  • View Plan & Manage Staff Activity


The ToDo list section is where the major time saving and productivity enhancements are generated in the system. Current activities for each user can be viewed and managed from one list.

Messages, notes and alerts can be associated with activities enhancing understanding and interpretation of the outcome required. Ad hoc tasks can be generated and assigned to the appropriate user to attend to.

Visibility of other users ToDo Lists is permission controlled. With the appropriate permission, specific users can view other’s ToDo Lists providing a quick and transparent view of what each user is working on, what they have coming up and where they are behind. Activities can be re-assigned in bulk or on an individual task basis. This is of particular benefit in the event of the original user is on vacation or workload is preventing progress.

Activities that involve Service Providers are easily identified on the ToDo List. Each activity can have a Booked Start, Forecasted Start, Start, Forecasted Completion and Completion date which calculates the days ahead or behind the activity’s baseline completion date.

The ToDo List helps businesses develop a culture of performance with their employees, where individual user’s workloads can be monitored and extra resources assigned to keep jobs progressing on the agreed timeline. It also provides an audit trail for process compliance purposes that can be analysed to improve processes or quality assurance.