Service Provider Control

Seamlessly add defect control into your project planning

  • All Details & Communications
  • WHS Management & Reporting
  • Certificates of Currency
  • Rapid Document Requests
  • Labour Allocation


The Service Provider section manages all details, communications, documentation and compliance of a trade contractor, supplier or third party.

Using the reporting function, administration staff can quickly identify which trade contractor requires updating of their Workplace Health and Safety information at a pre-determined period prior to expiration. Bulk e-mail communication of the details to be updated across all trade contractors at any given time can be generated and sent with only specific information pertaining to the individual trade contractor being included in the email. A record of the communications is automatically attached to the Service Providers profile card.

In the event, a trade contractor’s compliance becomes out of date, no new work releases can be sent to them and alerts to Supervisors of jobs that have existing work releases uncompleted are generated.

Work releases to Service Providers are associated with the Job Control section and if the builder is utilising our ERP or accounting/estimating system gateway feature, all documents, purchase orders and communications are linked to the job and the Service Provider. Defect activities can be linked to a Service Provider and reports can be generated to analyse quality performance of Service Providers over any period or at any point in time.

The Service Provider section has unlimited custom fields available to provide filtering and recording of information unique to your business needs.