Online Companion helps Pool Builders take complete control over every aspect of the build

Manage Variations and Documentation

The coordination of all the different trades, the fact that no two sites are the same with accessibility, there’s nearly always variations, forms need to be completed & documents managed and the list goes on.

Take Control of your Costs

To make a business out of building either volume or composite pre-fabricated or bespoke custom pools or a combination of each, your business has had to work in a disciplined, methodical manner to prevent things falling through the cracks and costing you profit.

Customisable Workflow Templates

For pool builders, the OnSite Companion solution provides capacity to manage all the customer engagement paperwork at the start, the construction process phase including variations and then hand over & warranty without any surprises. The workflow templates can be created to cover any different circumstance you encounter on a job making sure that if something occurs, for example finding rock or pipes in the excavation, everyone knows the procedure to follow and the activities that need to be completed.

Manage Extended Services

For pool builders that also offer extended services such as landscaping or maintenance services or fencing, etc. multiple categories of workflows can be associated with each job at any stage in the project.

Make Project Management Easy with Automation

The automation the OnSite Companion solution offers in completing council application forms, contracts and sub-contractor work releases can’t help but save time in the administration of the job. Compliment that by knowing all trades and Supervisors are working on the lasted plans and documents is also a great saver if your projects have some or many variations.

Increase Your Capacity, Efficiency and Profit

We know, the pool builders that have adopted the OnSite Companion solution already, are building more pools, with more capacity and more efficiently than before they implemented the system.

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