Take Control with Job Control

Visibility over all of your Construction Jobs on the same page

  • Easily Search & Add Jobs
  • Template & Flexible Workflow Scheduling
  • Full Activity Forecasting
  • Trades & Suppliers Allocation


Job Control is the hub of the OnSite Companion project workflow management solution. When an enquiry or a lead transitions through to the go ahead for a project to be undertaken, a job is created.

Details for jobs are fully customisable so information important to your company is always captured in a standardised format across all jobs. Contact/Client information, what trades and suppliers being used for the job and importantly, documents associated with the job are accessible, searchable and able to have reports generated from the one location.

Depending on how the business categorises a job, specific workflow templates that you create and control can be applied to the job by allocating activities, including predecessors and successors, timelines and who is allocated responsibility for completing the activity. It is a fully flexible workflow from start to finish across the entire team in a recognisable electronic call forward sheet lay out. Adjustments to the workflow template can be made at any time and in the event a new activity or process is decided to be applied to future jobs, the bespoke activity list can be made into a template.

Communication templates can also be selected and applied to a job. These can include email templates, letters, contracts, forms and other correspondence which are then generated from within the job.

A job’s critical path is calculated and recalculated from the dating system which tracks booked start, forecasted start, actual start, forecasted completion and actual completion. Forecasted starts and forecasted completions will re-forecast themselves when a date is dropped into the booked, start or completed column. When reforecasting occurs, you can attach messages or alerts against the activity or the job as a whole providing detailed explanation for the reason. Stoppages will not only re-forecast the critical path of a job but also allow for Extension of Time documents to be generated.

Variations can have their own flexible workflow attached to them and can reflect a value, accepted, declined or pending as well as their own specific documents.

At any point, you receive a clear indication of the status of the job from the workflow status column, which is customised by you to reflect your nominated stages of completion. You can find all jobs whether current, on hold or completed.