Document Control

Manage All Of Your Jobs Documents In The One Place

  • Automatically Generate Your Job Documents
  • Simple Document Storage
  • Automatic Version Control
  • Customisable Folder Structure


Documents are a critical aspect of job management and ensuring everyone is working on the same and latest version of a document has always been difficult to achieve. The Document Management section makes this task now easy and foolproof.

Documents of any type including but not limited to plans, contracts, pictures, emails, forms, etc. can be saved in the Document Manager section. When any document is initially stored by either saving or dragging and dropping, the date and time is recorded and then an ongoing audit trail is recorded as to who last accessed the document.

If there is an edit to a document, the user selects to reversion the document and then the latest version is displayed in the document list. The name of the file does not need to change so familiarisation of document names leads to easy recognition when searching for documents the user needs to reference. Access to the previous versions and notes on what the changes apply to the new version, are accessible anytime when online. If a user is working offline, only the latest document version is available.

Filtering of the documents is simple and is organised in a Windows File Explorer hierarchical format with the desired headings only available to be created or altered by users with adequate administration permissions. This ensures jobs have a consistent structure of what type of documents are categorised together.