Defect Control

Seamlessly add defect control into your project planning

  • Quickly Record Defects With Notes & Photos
  • Track Variations
  • Customise Workflow Changes


Defect control allows you to view all or filtered results for jobs that have pending defects logged against them. Selecting what activity type the defect relates to will automatically attach the appropriate Service Provider against the defect. Defects can also be tagged as pre- or post-handover in order to suppress the client’s details when sending the defect work release to the service provider.

Analysis of defects logged can be performed against service providers or activity allowing you the ability to identify failures in trades work quality or performance. Chargeback amounts can also be recorded for accounting purposes

Short and long descriptions can be included in a defect and then tracked as well as a course of action to be taken to rectify the defect. Custom work release communications that include descriptions and photos can be automatically generated and sent to the service provider.