Contact Control

Seamlessly add defect control into your project planning

  • Manage Contact Details
  • Manage Communications
  • Associate Contacts with Multiple Jobs


OnSite Companion has been designed to manage all aspects of a project from sales to warranty. Contact Control provides an easy to use repository for managing enquiries and then transitioning them into the Job Control section.

Contact Control is divided into two components – Clients and People.

Clients are the legal entity with whom a project contract can be established. People are individuals with whom communications and interactions occur and represent Clients. Both Clients and People can have data recorded against them as they transition from enquiry to project contract e.g. a Client may have an ABN recorded, People may have birthday recorded.

Contact Control provides a unique and comprehensive understanding of potential, current and past clients’ profiles and associated people.

Clients can be filtered to an assortment of headings, categories and hold multiple relationships with individual people. An unlimited number of custom fields can be assigned to the Client component which can be reported on or for the creation of lists and analysis.

Customisable workflow templates can be created specific to different client types ensuring processes are followed and activity is measurable. Activities within the workflows can be assigned to the appropriate user and reporting metrics can be analysed to deliver the best possible performance of resources.

Bulk emails can be generated directly from the Contact Control section and sent to all or filtered people. The emails can be custom created or generated through previously developed templates. Results of marketing campaigns can be recorded against people to allow analysis of effectiveness and return on investment.