Alert Control

Seamlessly add defect control into your project planning

  • Alerts & Messages
  • Assign Alerts to Others
  • Read Receipts


Alerts can be associated with Jobs, Clients, Contacts or Activities and are designed to allow a member of the project team to “alert” another member of information pertaining and influencing these. Job Alerts are general alerts pertaining to a job as a whole. Activity Alerts are specific alerts referencing an activity within a job. Client and Contact alerts refer to the individual or the entity they belong to. The system can be configured to check for alerts within desired time intervals and then will display on a user’s screen automatically without the need for manual checking for alerts.

Alerts can be simple in nature and these can be snoozed by the recipient to be dealt with at a time of their choosing, or can be issued as persistent. Persistent alerts cannot be snoozed and therefore are excellent at distributing high level, important information to individuals, groups or all recipients, such as company announcements.

Alerts can have attachments associated with them to provide further information. The attachments can be any documents, pictures, emails, etc.

From the Alert screen, the user can see the job or activity the alert refers to and acknowledgement of the alert can be completed from this screen. The alert retains a full audit history of views and acknowledgement of the alert in the job or activity sections which greatly improves accountability across a project.

Users can reply to alerts where warranted, again improving overall communications and accountability between users.