Activity Search

Advanced Search and Filtering Capabilities to Increase Efficiencies

  • Advanced Search Functionaility
  • Filters & Sub Filters
  • Search Across Multi- Relationships


Finding current and historical information is a critical need for businesses that follow processes. The ability to analyse what works well and not so well and to tweak those processes accordingly to improve performance, saving time and reducing costs relies on searchable activities. OnSite Companion has integrated a powerful yet simple to use search engine that can be utilised across all or selected jobs with many combinations of filters.

Commonly used searches for users or the business as a whole, once created can be saved for quick future use. Search results data can be exported for further analysis or reporting purposes.

Results from filtered searches for activities which have specific Service Providers associated with them, can be assessed and where necessary, re-assigned to alternative service providers. The Graphical Labour Allocation screen allows for resource planning matching to job requirements. This could be for reasons of compliance or labour capacity restrictions and work releases and documents can be immediately generated and sent from the email manager.

Specific types of activities, for example defect activities, can be identified in the search screen with the associated Service Provider listed for performance review purposes.